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Workers Compensation Benefits

What is workers compensation?

Workers compensation is the payment made to cover injuries and diseases suffered while on job. If you have suffered any injury on the job or if you are a dependent family member of the person who was killed on job duty in New York, then you may be entitled to the benefits of workers compensation.

When should you file the workers compensation claim?

According to New York workers’ compensation law, you have to notify your employer of your injuries in writing within 30 days from the date of accident. If you fail to do so, you may be barred from collecting workers’ comp benefits. If you have any doubts regarding the claim process you can contact your local New York OSHA the Occupational Safety and Health Administration office.

What benefits do you get under New York’s workers compensation law?

Workers’ compensation benefits can include medical expenses, compensation for lost wages and also disability expenses if any. Medical expenses include any hospital expenses necessary to diagnose the injury, doctor visit expenses and also medication expenses.
You also be entitled to rehabilitation expenses which include lost wages as you need time and peace of mind to concentrate on recovery. If you are facing temporary or permanent disability, then you might be paid two-third of your weekly wage for a period of time based on the intensity of the injury suffered.

Contact New York workers’ compensation attorney

If you are unhappy with the claim settlement and feel that you deserve more than what is decided, then you can appeal in your local court for your rightful compensation with the help of New York workers compensation attorney. Contact Mr. Fatos Dervishi. He can help you with his vast experience in personal injury cases and help you obtain your deserved compensation. Call 917-300-0797 / 718-619-4525 / 212-235-1447 and schedule an appointment with Mr. Dervishi.