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Tips to Preserving Your Rights to Obtain Compensation After a Car Accident

August 1st, 2018

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If you were involved in a car accident due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence, you have the right to obtain compensation for your injuries and damages. Here are some tips for preserving your rights to obtain compensation after a car accident:

Document the accident scene: If possible, document as much as you can about the accident scene immediately after the accident. Strong evidence is the key to receiving fair compensation.

Talk to witnesses: If there were any witnesses and if you are able to talk with them, get their contact information. Ask them questions related to the accident and if they would be able to make written or verbal statements. The more information you obtain from the witnesses, the stronger your claim will be.

Call the police: Even if you had a minor injury, call the police. A police report will prove the authenticity of your accident, provide documentation of the accident scene and will often include evidence of fault.

Photograph the scene: If possible, take photographs of the accident scene, any damages to your vehicle or the other party’s vehicle, and any obvious injuries you have sustained. Also, take pictures of the traffic lights, signs or road if any of these conditions contributed to the accident.

Seek immediate medical attention: Treatment records, medical bills and doctor’s notes are strong evidence of the injuries you have sustained and the financial damage the accident has caused. A complete set of medical records, including medical bills, will be helpful when claiming compensation for the injuries incurred.

Get repair estimates for property damage: Collect repair estimates for any damage done to your car. Most insurance adjusters will demand an inspection of the damage to your car. If you already have the estimates, you will be able to make a strong argument for the repairs you need and the associated costs.

Hire a lawyer: If you feel the insurance company is deliberately delaying or blocking payment of your claim, or if their estimation is unfair, contact an experienced car accident lawyer. Your lawyer will fight for your rights and make sure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries and other damages.

If you have suffered injuries in a car accident, you may have an injury claim. It is crucial that you are represented by a dedicated and experienced car accident lawyer to help you through the legal process. At Dervishi Law Group, P.C., we have years of experience in dealing with car accident personal injury cases. Let our car accident lawyers handle your case and guide you through the legal process. Call us at 917-300-0797 or 718-619-4525 or email fdervishi@dervishilaw.com.

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