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Product Liability Claim Involving a Defective Motor Vehicle

July 25th, 2016

Product liability claim

When an individual suffers injuries or any other kind of damages due to a defective motor vehicle, the result may be a product liability claim. Over the past few years, some motor vehicle defects have come to light including, SUVs that are prone to rolling over, motorcycles that have issues with wobbling when driven at high speeds and cars sold with tires that are likely to a blowout.

A product liability claim involving a defective motor vehicle can be classified in two different categories:

Defectively manufactured vehicle or parts: According to this type of claim, there was an error in the manufacture of the vehicle or one of its parts leading injury.

A vehicle with an unreasonably dangerous design:This category suggests that although the vehicle and its parts may have been manufactured properly, it had an unreasonably dangerous design that ultimately caused the injury.

Potential defendants in product liability claim involving motor vehicles

It is important to identify and include all potential defendants in the lawsuit. This means, all participants in the “chain of distribution” of the motor vehicle or vehicle part involved in the case. The “chain of distribution” usually includes the following types of defendants:

The Manufacturer: In a product liability case involving a defective motor vehicle, the manufacturer can be held liable. However, it is important to note that the manufacturer is typically a large company, which means it may have money to compensate for the injuries.

Parts manufacturer: If your case is based on a defective motor vehicle part, such as the tires or the battery, the parts manufacturer may be the defendant in your case. The parts manufacturer may be a separate company from the vehicle manufacturer. You may be able to sue both the vehicle manufacturer and the manufacturer of the defective part.

Car dealership: Another potential defendant in your case may be the dealership. Whoever sold the defective vehicle or the defective part may be liable for damages, even if you were not the actual buyer.

Middleman or shipper: The middleman or shipper who was part of the chain of distribution between the manufacturer of the defective vehicle or parts and the retailer where it was sold may be liable for damages.

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