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Liability and Causes of Falling Objects at Construction Site

October 6th, 2016

Construction accident

Falling object accidents are quite common at construction sites. Minor mistakes can lead to major injuries and if safety regulations, specifications, inspections or job safety requirements are not followed, workers or pedestrians can be fatally or seriously injured by falling objects. Some liability and causes of falling objects at construction site are:

Insufficient Barricades

Barricading dangerous areas is essential to prevent injuries from falling objects. In construction sites, there are hard-hat zones that must be barricaded so that people or workers passing by do not accidentally enter. If barricades were never erected, the liability for the accident may fall on the construction manager or property owner.

Poor Signage

Sometimes, a passersby might not realize that construction work is occurring. Clear visible signs at all access points to the construction site must be there to alert people that there is a risk of falling objects. The contractor or property owner may be liable for injuries caused due to poor or insufficient signage.

Failing to Inspect Equipment

All equipment must be properly maintained to prevent any failure. All devices should be inspected daily for wear and tear. Any damage or flaw on the equipment should be replaced immediately. The owner of the equipment, the manufacturing company, contractor or property owner can be held liable for injuries caused due to faulty equipment.

Failing to Secure Tools and Other Equipment

Workers have to move tools around frequently when they work. Careless placement of the tools and materials can result in injuries or even kill someone if it falls. Tools and materials must be stored in a secure location when not in use to avoid any accident. Negligence must be proved in order to establish liability in a falling object accident.

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