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How to Preserve Evidence in a Personal Injury Case

March 13th, 2018

Personal injury case

If you are thinking of filing a personal injury claim, the chances of a favorable outcome will rest on the nature, quality and quantity of evidence you produce to back your claims. The more evidence you produce, the better your chances of being compensated. Knowing what steps to take to preserve evidence after an accident is crucial. Here are some ways to help you preserve evidence:

Return to the accident scene: As soon as you recover from your injuries, revisit the accident scene to locate any evidence. This should be done regardless of the nature of your case. If you are unable to do so, ask friends or family for help. You may find something you were not aware of when the accident occurred, but which may help explain what happened. For example, you may find improperly maintained sidewalks, steps or floors in the case of a slip and fall accident. In the case of a vehicle collision, you may discover that the intersection where the accident occurred is visually confusing or the traffic light may not function properly. If you were a pedestrian hit by a car, a clearly defined crosswalk and a visually clear intersection may be helpful in building your case.

Take photographs: Immediately following the accident, photograph everything including injuries, property damage and the condition of the road or premises. Make sure that you take pictures from several angles. It is helpful to take the photographs on the same day of the accident because the circumstances of the accident scene can be altered or corrected.

Record testimonies of eye witnesses: Testimonies of witnesses can substantiate your statements and add details to your description of the event. Record their statements and have them sign the documents. Make sure you get their contact information, so your attorney can get in touch with them for more details.

Journal your injuries: If your injuries are severe and require medical treatment, it is important that you document your treatment, care plan and your progress. Keep copies of all your medical bills and treatments. This can help you put your case together later.

Protect physical evidence: Physical evidence can help you prove the extent of your injury. Preserving the physical evidence exactly as it was at the time of the accident is crucial. If you can’t preserve the object, take photographs of it.

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