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What are the most common types of expert witnesses used in personal injury cases?

Many types of expert witnesses are used in personal injury cases. The following are the most common:

Medical experts provide expert opinions regarding the severity, cause and the expected outcome of injuries.

Psychologists and mental health experts are helpful to those who suffer psychological, mental or emotional harm. They can testify regarding the effects the injuries have had and how they will impact a victim’s life in the future. They are especially important when seeking compensation for non-economic losses.

Financial experts provide expert opinions on the value of lost wages and the loss of earning capacity suffered by victims.

Accident reconstruction experts investigate accidents in full and rebuild them piece by piece to determine the precise cause. They also guide courts through what happened by painting a picture of what went wrong.

Design and manufacturing experts offer insights as to whether or not the designers and manufacturers of products are to blame for any defective product that may have caused the accident.