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What are the different types of staged car accidents?

The different types of staged car accidents are:

  1. The Swoop and Squat
  2. This occurs in free-flowing traffic. A car pulls up beside another car, making it impossible to change lanes. The driver in front of the second car stops short, causing the second car to rear-end them.

  3. The Right Turn Drive Down
  4. This occurs when making a right turn from a stop sign. A car parked at the curb accelerates forward and hits the rear corner of the right turning car.

  5. The Wave
  6. This may occur in denser traffic. A driver, who notices a vehicle switching lanes, accelerates and causes a collision.

  7. The Dual Turn Sideswipe
  8. When turning at an intersection a driver in an outer lane waits to see if a car goes the slightest bit out of lane and then hits the car.