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Common Workplace Injuries

May 5th, 2015

People working in industrial or construction sites are at risk of getting injured due to their environment. Workplace injuries can affect physical and mental health, as well as cause disability. It is essential to know your rights regarding worker’s compensation laws.

Common workplace injuries:

Slip and fall– Slip and falls are one of the most prevalent workplace injuries in the United States. Slip and falls take place as a result of wet or damaged floors, debris on the floor, and other obstructions. These accidents can cause broken bones, head and back injuries.

Falls from heights– This happens from an elevated area such as roofs, ladders and stairways. Falls from heights usually take place due to malfunctioning equipment.

Overexertion injuries– This type of injury is caused by pushing, pulling, lifting, holding, carrying, and throwing activities.

Injuries due to falling objects– Objects falling from shelves, falling from above, or unknowingly dropped by another person can cause injuries. Head injuries are common due to this accident.

Vehicle accidents– Workers driving vehicles for the purpose of business may get injured if the vehicle turns over or crashes. This can lead to injuries.

Electric shock– Another common workplace injury is electric shock. Those who work with electricity on a daily basis are at high risk of getting injured due to electric shocks.

Workplace hazards– Some on the job hazards like chemicals and fires may cause burns, explosions, and other serious injuries to the worker.

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