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car accident

If you were injured in an accident by an incompetent, reckless or unfit driver who does not own the car but has borrowed it from another individual, this is known as a negligent entrustment case.

In a negligent entrustment case, you must prove that the car owner knew, or should have known, that the driver was incompetent before allowing them to drive the car. Incompetent and unfit drivers include:

Intoxicated drivers: If the car owner lent his or her car to someone who is drunk or high, or likely to become so, it may be construed as a case of negligent entrustment.

Unlicensed and underage drivers: Lending a car to a minoror unlicensed driver is considered negligent entrustment.

Inexperienced drivers: Letting an inexperienced driver, such as a minor or new driver with only a learner’s permit, drive your car unsupervised is an example of negligent entrustment.

Elderly drivers: Lending a car to someone whose advanced age makes them unfit to drive can constitute negligent entrustment.

Ill drivers: Lending a car to a driver who is suffering from an illness that affects his or her driving skills or is under medication that makes them dizzy or fall asleep may constitute negligent entrustment.

Previously reckless drivers: If a car owner knowingly lends a car to someone who has a history of reckless driving, it is a case of negligent entrustment.

In all the above cases, the owner of the car will be liable for any injuries or damages caused by the incompetent, reckless or unfit driver.

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